2 free + gas mint per wallet. Don't be fucking greedy. That's how we got ourselves here.

No roadmap. Yes Discord. No utility. CC0. Contract wasn't actually written by pigs.

why the rush? oink.wtf

Mint is coming soon ooiinnkkk ooooiiIIINNnkkk oink 🐷
Go check Twitter for Updates!
Be active on a Twitter like a pig 🐽 to get a WL spot for a free mint.

🧌 = farmers are working full time; feeding, grooming the pigs πŸ– before the pigs are available to mint for the public.!


Pigs are sentient beings, meaning they experience a wide range of emotions and can feel pain. Each pig on a factory farm has a distinct personality and desires, but factory farms deny everything that comes naturally to these intelligent and sensitive animals. Every pig deserves a good life where they can raise their babies and perform other natural behaviors like foraging for food, cuddling with other pigs, and roaming freely. You can help pigs live the lives they deserve by minting pigstown.wtf NFT